Hello, sir

Welcome to our main web.

This is a website made by a group of young boys and girls.

Maybe you are from the sub web of this site,

Because you are curious about the appearance of the main site,

You deleted the prefix.

Well, let you down.

But at least,

It's our honor to bring you here

(I mean the main web)

Maybe you have questions,

"Oh God,"

"Am I right?"

"This web is clearly called 'DDRAGirl', "

"but why call it 'DRGirl'?"

Sorry, the very expensive now.

We don't have enough money to buy it.

Of course, I hope that one day we can stick to this dream

until we can buy what we really need to buy.

I mean, hopefully.


2020・08・21 金曜


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アカラ akarablog@qq.com

LT 1516235445@qq.com

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